Jeff Cowen

Click to play video from opening reception of 'Recent Works' by Jeff Cowen at WILLAS contemporary.

Recent Works by Jeff Cowen

"Silence can not be elucidated by what it is, only by what it is not.
This is what I am after - Silence"

During nearly 30 years now, black-and-white film photography has been at the centre of Jeff Cowen’s art practice. His work incorporates subject matter such as the human figure, landscapes, still life and abstractions. He is captivated by what he calls the non-moment — the point in time just before or after something has happened. In his continual search for the unseen, Cowen’s imagery confronts our habits as visual voyagers and does not conform to any genre. Cowen challenges the boundaries between photography, painting and sculpture. The artist works on thick silver based paper and adds a sense of form and depth by ripping the prints to pieces before re-assembling them to make something even more beautiful. Furthermore, he experiments with various chemical treatments, specialised darkroom techniques or painted colour.

Jeff Cowen was born in New York City in 1966 and has been based in Europe since 2001. As a graduate in Oriental Studies from New York University and Waseda University in Tokyo (1985 – 1988) he photographed intensively on the streets of New York while working as an assistant to Larry Clark (1988 – 1990) and Ralph Gibson (1990 – 1992). Cowen later studied drawing and anatomy (1994 – 1996) at the Art Students League of New York and the New York Studio School. Published and exhibited worldwide and represented by galleries such as Michael Werner Gallery in Cologne, Cowen’s work is held in prominent private and institutional collections.

Jeff Cowen - Attacus Atlas
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