Viewing Room #11 - The World according to ROGER BALLEN


The Back of the Mind 2012

Archival Pigment Print 81 x 112 cm - Limited edition of 6.


My images are “pictures of the mind”
Some photographers spend their lives work capturing their external environment. Others turn inward to construct and visualize the personal workings of their consciousness, shaping alternative worlds in front of their lens.
— Roger Ballen


We have had the unspeakable pleasure of working with Roger Ballen for over a decade now - and he never stops surprising us. If you are in Paris during Paris Photo this week - do not miss his exhibition ‘The world according to Roger Ballen at Halle Saint Pierre.

Artist talk at 14:00 on Friday at Halle Saint Pierre. On Saturday Roger has a book signing at Booth A12 at Paris Photo, and then at 15:00 he has a talk interview at the Grand Palais at the Balcon d-Honneur on the first floor.

Ballen’s most recent works - in colour - are unmistakably Ballenesque. We love them - and we hope you do to. Contact us for more information on availability & prices!


‘Roger Ballen reigns over the black-and-white world of the human psyche. Disturbing, provocative and enigmatic, the work of this American-born South African photographer, a geologist by training, expresses the sense of confusion of a man confronted by the nonsensical nature of both his life and the world in general. Ballen’s work has been the subject of exhibitions at prestigious institutions for more than thirty years now. Although each of his shows is an event, his decision to exhibit at the Halle Saint Pierre in Paris, an atypical museum devoted to outsider art and unusual forms of creativity, demonstrates his freedom from artistic genres. For the Halle Saint Pierre, a collaboration with Roger Ballen is an invitation to showcase – or test out – the artistic and cultural otherness of art brut.

In his relationship with creativity, Ballen has constantly explored a form of art that is rooted in the deepest layers of human nature; like the French dramatist, actor and writer Antonin Artaud, he is always moving towards more primal means of artistic expression. ‘

(Text from Halle Saint Pierre)

Roger Ballen is a mystery - even to Mr Ballen himself. View the clip to discover why.