Viewing Room #10 - Homage to Humanity by Jimmy Nelson

With my pictures I want to show the beauty, to make more people aware of threatened cultures.
But also to show their pride and strength.
— Jimmy Nelson

Homage to Humanity by Jimmy Nelson at Fotografiska Stockholm.

Last September, we celebrated the opening of Jimmy's exhibition Homage to Humanity in the photography museum Fotografiska in Stockholm. Fotografiska and Jimmy Nelson share values and perspectives on human and cultural diversity.

Jimmy wants the viewer to interpret the artwork while creating awareness for the portrayed communities. The exhibition at Fotografiska is highly interactive, where each work is scannable with the app and allows the viewer to immerse themselves in Jimmy's intentions and stories about the image itself, directly on their phones.

WILLAS contemporary has had the pleasure of representing Jimmy Nelson since 2014, and placed his works in significant Scandinavian collections such as the Equinor Art Collection, Petter Stordalen Art Collection and Johan Andresen Art Collection.

If you are interested in purchasing a original print by Nelson click below to enquire or arrange a private viewing in Stockholm or Oslo.

BLINK - and they’re gone! This amazing animation based on Nelson’s work was nominated to 11 prestigious Golden Lions in Cannes, and won 5. Check it out by clicking on the image - remember to put sound on!