Viewing Room #5 Jimmy Nelson

Planet Earth is at risk of losing the cultural identities of the many of the world’s most unique indigenous people.
— Jimmy Nelson

Fotografiska opening new venue in Tallinn with Hommage to Humanity by Jimmy Nelson.

June 20th was a special day at Fotografiska. The first Fotografiska venue opened outside Sweden, in the hip and vibrant part of Tallinn, Estonia, with "Homage to Humanity" by Jimmy Nelson as the main exhibition. Fotografiska and Jimmy Nelson share values and perspectives on human and cultural diversity. You can see the exhibition in Fotografiska Tallinn HERE.

The exhibition is an all-immersive experience that invites you on a journey. The 2019 WEBBY Award winning mobile app makes it possible to scan every photograph and bring the images to life - with behind the scenes films, personal storytelling, and interviews.

The exhibition ‘Hommage to Humanity’s next stop is Fotografiska Stockholm in September 2019.

WILLAS contemporary has had the pleasure of representing Jimmy Nelson since 2014, and placed his works in significant Scandinavian collections such as the Equinor Art Collection, Petter Stordalen Art Collection and Johan Andresen Art Collection.

If you are interested in purchasing a original work by Nelson - please click below to enquire or to arrange a private viewing in Stockholm or Oslo.

BLINK - and they’re gone! This amazing animation based on Nelson’s work was nominated to 11 prestigious Golden Lions in Cannes, and won 5.
Check it out by clicking on the image - remember to put sound on!