Lehmkuhl capital art collection

Lehmkuhl Capital recently opened its new offices in a newly renovated office building in Øvre Vollgate in Oslo, where the works of their new art collection is on prominent display. The company also has offices in Geneva, Switzerland. The focus of the collection has been to invest in contemporary photography created by living artists with distinct visual styles.


Look. And then look again.

The first you notice might be the aesthetics.

And if you look again, you might discover the other side.


The artists represented in the Lehmkuhl Capital Art Collection are

Roger Ballen [Born in New York 1950 - lives in Johannesburgh, South Africa].

Jeff Cowen [Born in New York 1966 - lives and works in Berlin, Germany].

Christian Houge [Born in Norway 1972 - lives Oslo, Norway].

Arno Rafael Minkkinen [Born in Helsinki, Finland in 1955, lives in USA].

Jimmy Nelson [Born in Kent, England 1967, lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands].

Helene Schmitz [Born in Sweden in 1960, lives in Stockholm, Sweden].

Vee Speers [Born in Newcastle, Australia in 1962, lives in Paris, France].

The works have been sourced by WILLAS contemporary.

You can learn more about the artworks and the artists who created them below.