Sunken Gardens

Helene Schmitz

We invited Helene to talk about her relationship to nature and to discuss her work. Several bodies of work are presented in this short video, such as Sunken Gardens, Livingrooms, Earthworks and the Kudzu Project.

Helene Schmitz

- Sunken Gardens

Helene Schmitz is interested in the complicated and sometimes violent relationship between humans and Nature. Through her work she explores how Nature and its forces are portrayed in science, art and literature.

Schmitz draws inspiration from these areas of knowledge and how they influence our understanding of the natural world. Her work often makes us question our preconceptions. A subject she frequently returns to is the fragility of human made constructions in contrast to Time and Nature. 

Schmitz was born 1960 in Stockholm, and holds a BA in Film & Art Theory from Stockholm University in Sweden. Cinematography is a major source of inspiration for Schmitz in her exploration of architecture and spatiality. She is interested in spaces as carriers of meaning, memories and references. 

Helene Schmitz has exhibited her works internationally throughout Europe, Japan and the US. An important part of her oeuvre is the publication of artist books. Her publications ‘Blow Up’ [2003] and ‘Ur Regnskogens Skugga’ [2012] were both nominated to the Swedish August priset. ‘Ur Regnskogens Skugga’ was also awarded the Swedish Publishing-Prize. ‘Linnaeus and the Dream of Order in Nature’ is translated into English, French, and Japanese. 

Her work is represented in the collections of Moderna Museet in Stockholm, the Public Art Council in Sweden, the Cultural Department of Stockholm County Council, and in several private collections in Sweden and internationally.

Exhibition period from 29th of April to 11th of June 2016.

Helene Schmitz - Borderlands
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