Steinar Christensen

Click to play video from the installation and preview at WILLAS contemporary´s inaugural exhibition Still Lifes by Steinar Christensen. 

Steinar Christensen - Still Lifes

“Look. And then look again. The first you notice might be the aesthetics. And if you look again, you might discover the other side.”

In a sense, Steinar Christensen’s work demonstrates his ability to open up discussions across genres and may be interpreted as comments on the current state of civilization. He demonstrates a unique ability to renew his artistic expression, yet his work primarily displays traditional still-lifes, incorporating both contemporary elements and art historical references.

The artist collaborates with experts in specific disciplines and embraces new techniques and materials, in constant search to visualize his social engagement. A common characteristic in Christensen’s work is the absence of people, however his art clearly expresses the human condition. Christensen is well known for his photographic work with reference to The Dutch Golden Age of the 17th century, as well as his monumental steel sculptures, star installations and international performances. In his most recent work he envisions the subject of death, through Kerberos, the dog of Hades, who guards the entrance to hell and devours the flesh of those who pass.

Steinar Christensen, born 1946 in Kristiansund, is predominantly self-taught, with a short stay at Vestlandets Art Academy in 1970. Christensen has been a professor at Vestlandets Art Academy (1978 – 1983) and Valand Academy in Gothenburg, as well as visiting professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He also served as a professor (1989 – 1996) and acting principal (1991 – 1992) at the National Art Academy in Norway.

Christensen’s work has been exhibited at renowned galleries in Norway and abroad. He has represented Norway at La Biennial di Venezia, and his work is included in numerous private and museum collections, including the National Gallery, the Henie Onstad Art Centre, Oslo Municipality’s Art Collection, Statoil Art Collection and the Norwegian Cultural Council.


Steinar Christensen - Formuesforvaltning

It is with great pleasure we, in close collaboration with Formuesforvaltning, invite you to celebrate Steinar Christensen's 70’ birthday.

Steinar Christensen [1946] has always been an artist in progress, offering many surprises in his unpredictable oeuvre. He has no clear signature and moves effortlessly and freely between various medias. He has done performance, worked with sound and music, created huge installations and objects such as Stella Maris in Artscape Nordland. In recent years he has chosen to express himself mainly through photography.

Just as poetry represents densification of an expression, Christensen has developed a unique visual language. His recent works are condensed, layers on layers becoming almost impenetrable. The various symbols may seem detached and casual at first glance, however Christensen invites us to look again. His work opens for both paradoxical constellations and existential situations and serves as silent warnings of the state of our civilisation.

Christensen is a professor at Western Norway Academy of Fine Arts, Valand Academy in Gothenburg and the National Art Academy, and guest professor at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen.

His work has been exhibited in renowned galleries in Norway and abroad. Christensen has represented Norway at La Biennale di Venezia, his works are included in numerous private and museum collections, including the National Gallery, the Henie Onstad Art Centre, Oslo Municipality Collection, The Statoil Art Collection and Norwegian Cultural Council.


Installationshots - Formuesforvaltning Oslo