Inherit the Dust

Nick Brandt

Made, written & narrated by photographer Nick Brandt, he tells the story behind the concept of the photo series "Inherit The Dust". The first of two videos written and narrated by Nick Brandt about Inherit the Dust. Produced by Fotografiska Museum, Stockholm, as part of a major exhibition of Inherit The Dust, May-September 2016.

Inherit The Dust by Nick Brandt

Since 2001, Nick Brandt has documented the vanishing natural world and animals of East Africa. Three years after the conclusion of the African trilogy, ‘On This Earth, A Shadow Falls, Across the Ravaged Land’, Brandt has returned to reveal the environmental damage striking the East-African territory.

The photographs of life-size panels of animals in locations where they used to roam, but as a result of human impact on the environment, no longer do, carry an important message.

It is a general assumption that the destruction in Africa has to do with poaching and feeding the unstoppable demand for animal parts from the Far East. However, the problem is more complicated as it is also linked to the world’s overpopulation and the limited amount of space and resources. 

The monograph Inherit the Dust, published by Edwynn Houk Editions was released in March 2016. The book’s release coincided with the roll out of accompanying exhibitions featuring large-scale prints in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Stockholm, and London, among other cities. 


International press about Inherit The Dust:

“The wasted lands in Inherit The Dust were once golden savannah, sprinkled with acacia trees, where elephants, big cats and rhinos roamed.  

These now dystopian landscapes - as Nick Brandt’s unvarnished, harrowing but stunning work reveals - brings us face to face with a crisis, both social and environmental, demanding the renewal of humanity itself.”

- Kathryn Bigelow, Film Director, The Hurt Locker

“Nick Brandt’s astonishing panoramas are a jolting combination of beauty, decay, and admonishment ... an eloquent and complex ‘J’accuse’ ... A collision between Bruegel and an apocalypse in waiting.”

— Vicki Goldberg, art critic, author

“Nick Brandt’s latest work is both gorgeous and disturbing… Brandt has deftly turned his art into a call for action.”

— Jack Crager, American Photo, 10 Best New Photobooks Spring 2016


“Brandt’s new collection is his most powerful and heart-wrenching to date.”
— The Daily Beast

“Nick Brandt’s epic panoramas serve as a heart breaking epitaph to a paradise lost.”
— Sunday Times UK

 “An evocative portrait of change and loss”.
— Wall Street Journal


Big Life Foundation

In 2010, Brandt co-founded Big Life Foundation, a non-profit organization protecting 2 million acres of ecosystem in East Africa. With nearly 300 rangers, poaching has been dramatically reduced in the region, and is one of the few conservation success stories currently in East Africa.

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