Art on walls - virtually and in reality

Finding the right art piece for a space can be a challenge. There are so many things to consider - and you might find it difficult to envision the end result. 

We decided to make it inspiring and fun; The new WILLAS app allows you to view artwork in your space before you buy. Download the app to your ipad of iphone to virtually install any art piece from our collection, in your home or office.


If you would like to see art on real walls - check out our collaborations with partners such as ALEX sushi, Slettvoll and Wikborg Rein;

Wikborg Rein

A flexible and tailored, full service art programme based on the Glen Bjørnholt Collection, facilitated by WILLAS contemporary for Norway's largest lawyer firm.


ALEX sushi

The best sushi restaurant in Scandinavia the past 16 years loves Photography on their walls. We love Sushi. Whats not to love?




Slettvoll has been given a unique opportunity to present 5 of Jimmy Nelsons photographs in limited editions in their shops in Oslo, Bergen, Lillestrøm, Ålesund, Trondheim, Ski, Stockholm and Malmø.